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30 Minute Reiki Session - $40


60 Minute Reiki Session - $65


Super Reiki Session - $85

A Reiki session with both practitioners. During sessions, clients receive universal energy through the collaboration of two intuitive practitioners. We work to release congestion within your energy centers allowing a more free flowing of light and love to promote relaxation and healing.










Guided Meditation 

We offer in person 1:1, group, couples or family meditations that tailor to your needs. We will educate you on the virous types of meditations and provide resources to help you in your everyday practice. We combine reiki healing along with meditation and essential oils for an amazing experience.


Essential Oils 101 

Kristin is everyone's "Oil Lady"! She has been incorporating oils into her everyday life for 5+ years. She has taught many classes on oils and how to use them properly. If you have an interest in using essential oils but don't know where to start, she will! You might even get some free samples!


Ideas on the horizon... Reiki Shares, Mindfulness Workshops, Movement Nights...many more

 Keep up to date with new healing session offered, we are just begging to open the door to many different healing methods . We are open to suggestions and ideas.