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A Reiki Healer:

Professional Reiki Healer must complete a series of courses, starting with Level 1 along with the attunement by a Reiki Master. This often continue through the series of levels, finishing the Reiki Master Course and practicum. Some Reiki Healers choose to continue their education to become Reiki Master Teachers, where they can empower others with healing through Reiki.

What should I expect for my first Reiki Session?

  • Arrive about 10- 15 minutes early so you and your practitioner can talk about 

       what you would like to heal


  • Your session will most likely be laying on your back on a massage table. If you have mobility or pain issues, make sure to communicate with your practitioner and you will sit comfortably in a chair.


  • Wear comfortable clothes - you will be fully clothed during the session.


  • Reiki may be done with a gentle touch or the Practitioner’s hands may be a few inches above your body at the hand positions with no actual touch.There are standard hand placements beginning at your head or feet, avoiding all sensitive body parts. Let your Practitioner know prior to the session which you prefer, light touch or no touch.

  • You may feel a sense of relaxation and peace. The mind may feel calm and your physical body should feel relaxed. Reiki is so relaxing that sometimes clients may fall asleep during the session. Don’t worry though, you will still receive all of the benefits of the session, sleeping or awake.


  • Soft music will be playing and the practitioner may use essential oils. If you are sensitive to the oils please communicate to your practitioner. 


  • Crystals are sometimes used for your session to enhance the healing. You may feel a very slight tingling, heat, or energy from the practitioners hands. You may feel a peace and calm in your mind or physically in general. It is different for all clients but deep relaxation is almost always felt.


  • DRINK FILTERED WATER after your session  hydrate your body as your body’s energy system may be moving at a more optimum rate, so please care for yourself with water and healthy food during the day.

Reiki Treatment
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